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The Horror Corner

Frog's Breath candle

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That’s twice this month you’ve slipped deadly nightshade into my tea and run off... Enjoy our, lightly scented Nightmare Before Christmas themed, mixed soy wax blend candle in a handpainted collectible Nightmare Before Christmas themed glass candle jar.
Once the candle is gone, store your goodies in this keepsake jar.

-Frog's Breath 6oz candle •Jar measures 4” tall / 3” diameter *handwash and do not scrub.

Each scent is proprietary.

Available scents:

•Natural Earthworms (mixture of floral and incense)

•Sinfully Sweet Sally (sweet and fruitful).

•364 Days Till Halloween (cinnamon, clove, spice)

Listing is for one (1) single candle.